We have several games available for your evening's entertainment.

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American Roulette - Experience the thrill of roulette with real casino chips. Great fun and quite an adrenalin rush when you win!

Blackjack - A favourite and always busy at a casino. You just need to beat the dealer to win!

Dice - Feeling lucky? Get a seven and beat the house!

Poker - The thinking mans game? Another favourite - is it yours?

Wheel of Fortune - Great fun and a good crowd puller! What's your lucky number?

Joker Seven - A variation to poker but with more chance of winning!

Most games are quick and easy to learn and Casino Royale will advise you on which games to chose. Whether your guests are experienced gamblers or complete novices they are sure to enjoy a night at the casino.

You get a croupier for each of the games you decide to chose for your evenings entertainment who are on hand to help - remember though that their decision is final!